EPD Email Accounts


Contact the El Dorado Police Department through the following secure email accounts

Kenny Hickman   Chief Of Police
Cathy Phillips   Detective Captain
Karl Nichols   Patrol Captain
Jason Dumas   Narcotics C.A.D. Captain
Michael Leveritt   Administrative Captain
Scott Harwell   Detective Lieutenant
Darien Martin   DetectiveLieutenant
Andrew Russell   Patrol Lieutenant
Steve Adams   DetectiveSergeant
Chris Lutman   Community Liaison Sergeant
Trey Phillips   Patrol Sergeant
Jerod Primm   Patrol Sergeant
Ashley Barnes   Patrol Officer
Pete Rosegrant   Patrol Corporal
Scott Snell C.A.D. Officer
Eric Bates   Warrants
Ryan Landers   Detective
Angela Means   Detective
Shelly Rowland   Detective
Michelle Boone   Records Clerk
Cynthia Ervin   Records Clerk
Ayla Kirk   9-1-1 Communications
Leah Moore   Records Clerk
Kristie Newton   Records Clerk
Linda Nunnally   Administrative Secretary
Carla Odom   9-1-1 Communications
Alecia Rushing   Detective Secretary
Amy Smith   9-1-1 Communications
Pam Vestal   9-1-1 Communications
Gerid Ardwin   School Resource Officer
Latisha Heard   School Resource Officer
DeQuida Miller   School Resource Officer
Dispatch   Police Dispatch Center
EPD   Police Dept (General Email)


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