Patrolman Jimmy Yocum was shot and killed as he and other officers attempted to arrest two robbery suspects. The two suspects had robbed a pharmacy at the intersection of South Washington Street and Hillsboro Street and were fleeing town when they were spotted by another El Dorado officer.

The officer followed the vehicle until it turned off of Magnolia Highway onto a country road. The officer summoned other officers and Union County deputies to the scene. They located the getaway vehicle and two occupants a short time later and attempted to remove them from the vehicle. The passenger exited and opened fire, striking Patrolman Yocum in the chest. The shooter was wounded by return fire and both suspects were taken into custody.

The shooter was sentenced to death for Officer Yocum's murder and executed at the Arkansas Department of Correction Tucker Farm Unit on September 3, 1937. The other suspect found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Patrolman Yocum had served with the agency for 4 years. He was survived by his wife.

This is a segment from a local program back in 1986 where Officer Ken Dailey of the El Dorado Police Department

discusses procedures and consequences related to intoxicated driving. The clip originally aired on "MIDDAY."

Note: Some changes have occurred within the laws since this aired in 1986.