Law Enforcement Officer

  1. Must be 21 years of age or older
  2. Able to pass a background check
  3. Must be physically fit
  4. Able to pass a psychological evaluation
  5. Must be willing to work nights, weekends, holidays, and rotating shifts
  1. 120 hours of paid vacation a year
  2. 160 hours of paid sick leave a year
  3. Unused vacation and sick hour roll over. Sick time caps out at 720 hours, and vacation does not cap out.
  4. Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  5. Annual pay ranges between $37,395 – $48,004 (dependent on experience)
  6. Opportunities of large departments in a small town environment
  7. Supportive Administration
  8. Monthly in-house training
  9. Opportunities for off site training in your choice of specializations.
  1. One of only six bomb squads in the state
  2. Active SWAT Team
  3. Police Canine program
  4. Criminal investigations
  5. Narcotic investigations
  6.  Several federal taskforce positions
  7.  School Resource Officer positions

We are working to get online applications. For now please E-Mail for applications. Please lave your name, phone number, and if you are currently a certified officer. If you do not hear back from us please feel free to call 870-881-4800 and ask for LT. Andrew Russell


Chief Hickman