Administrative Division

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division covers a wide array of functions with the services of three sworn officers and 14 civilian employees. They serve in a variety of capacities which facilitates the operation of the other divisions.

PAYROLL AND FINANCES – from preparation of the budget to authorization of line item expenditures the finances of the department are under the supervision of this department head. The captain of this division works closely with the office of the chief regarding finances within the department.

RECORDS – is comprised of 4 civilian Records Clerks.  They are responsible for maintaining all records while maintaining security and the privacy of applicable information and providing access to all authorized department and law enforcement personnel and other governmental entities. They disseminate, copy, and provide information according to procedure that is available to citizens.

DISPATCH– The El Dorado Police Department currently has 10 full time civilian dispatchers. Like patrol, they are staffed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  They are a critical and essential communications hub for the initiation of requests for assistance within our city. This is pertaining to both emergency and non-emergency needs and requests. Dispatcher responsibilities are not limited to police and law enforcement matters. They also dispatch the El Dorado Fire Department. They cover both incidents of fire, fire prevention and ambulance response to emergency medical needs.  

WARRANTS – It is the responsibility of the warrants officer to maintain all warrants issued through the Union County District Courts.  When the need arises we also serve outstanding warrants issued by judicial authorities outside of our local courts. On a regular basis warrants are served by all divisions within the department.